Umanlife is dedicated to the improvement of your wellness.
We aim at influencing healthy behaviors through innovation and disruptive user experience.
Health is not only about collecting data : it is about tailoring the relevant personal follow-up.
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    People want to become actors of their health and well-being. Umanlife offers them the tools they need to make such an achievement.
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    Umanlife provides each individual with the proper means to manage his health and lifestyle, so that he can maximize his state of well-being.
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    Umanlife encompasses the full potential of the Internet of Things and empowers individuals by adding intelligence and innovation to collected data.
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    Umanlife motivates the user in the improvement of his health and well-being by suggesting personalized goals as well as relevant advice and recommendations.
  • July 20th 2011
    Incorporation of SAS Umanlife
  • 2012
  • February 29th 2012
    Launch of Umanlife website V1
  • September 25th 2012
    Launch of Umanlife website V2
  • 2013
  • January 9th 2013
    Launch of the first mobile app : Tobacco
  • March 22nd 2013
    Umanlife wins the PharmaSuccess Start-up Award 2013
  • April 2nd 2013
    Umanlife wins the 1st prize of the Startup Academy
  • December 17th 2013
    Umanlife wins the Cristal Festival Start-up Challenge
  • 2014
  • June 19th 2014
    "Open Source" prize, Special Jury Prize of the Connected Devices Trophy
  • First public versiononline
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Today, everyone is managing friends, finance and travels on the Internet, but no one is managing the most precious asset in the world : health !
Alexandre Plé,
Founder of Umanlife
Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee of Umanlife has to guide and to care for the operational team on each decision concerning the health. It is responsible for the scientific content of the website and for all the data.
  • Doctor Riad Farah
    Internist and medical Director of the Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire clinic, Paris
  • Professor Jean-Louis Koeck
    Val de Grâce Specialist, departmental Head of biology and Founder of
  • Doctor Imad Abi Nasr
    Cardiologist, echocardiography and rhythm graduated, Val d'Or Clinic
  • Doctor Didier Mennecier
    Military Medical Officer, Hepatologist, Gastroenterologist and Addiction Specialist. Founder of the website and of the the blog MédecinGeek.
  • Louis Treussard
    BNP Paribas Atelier CEO (innovation committee)
  • Lionel Reichardt
    E-health expert, consultant and lecturer. Founder of 7C's and Pharmageek blogger.
  • Pierre Cellot
    Former Director of Assurances Vie (GMF) and Head of OCIRP development
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